Friday, March 16, 2012

Study in photo ukiyo-e: Adidas inspires!

If I was an Adidas, I'd buy this amazing snapshot from me for big bucks. Cause it's not just a snapshot, but a whole amazing concept - "Breaking free! With a little inspiration from Adidas"

Adidas, which modestly lurks in background, and its modern  "3 stripes" triangular logo  inspires people to break free of frames and routine; Despite direct order by the sign - "All pedestrians must be framed in triangle!", one of pedestrians at the zebra crossing is already totally free of the frame, another is almost free - he succeeded in  transforming a triangle frame into a rectangular one and is just about to break free from it!

My flickr:

If one takes another look he could see that the triangular (sic!) crossing sign contains 3! black stripes...hmm, is it a coincidence having in mind Adidas in background?

And lower right corner shows us another three black stripes - what is it? Some three-wheel vehicle also broke free and escaped to better place?!

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