Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Photo ukiyo-e nouveau: march 20, 2012

I first posted it at my Flickr 
I cannot quite place this pic within boundaries of my latest obsession - street photography as ukiyo-e; I do feel there is something worth keeping it but I cannot quite pin it. So I'm keeping it and let it grow on me.

Being plain street photography, it was not set up in any way - while taking Austin Powers the bulldog for a walk tonight I just ordered him to sit still and took some snaps of the scene. And not until I got home it crossed my mind the scene somehow echoes Andō Hiroshige's "FUKAGAWA KIBA" ukiyo-e - even down to a little animal in low left corner.

Mind you, in no way I impersonate myself as a next great artist :))) - it's just that parallels between street photography and ukiyo-e has striken me recently, and I've been looking into it.

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